Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mayan Elders Message


The prophecy says now is the time of awakening.  This is your job now: to awaken.  The Vale of the Nine Hells is past, and the Time of Warning has now arrived.  It is time to prepare for the Age of the Thirteen Heavens.  The time of 12 Baktun and 13 Ahau is fast approaching, and they shall be here among you to defend Mother Earth.  

The prophecy says, 'Let the dawn come.  Let all the people and all creatures have peace, let all things live happily, for the love must not only be between humans, but between all living things.'  

They said, 'We are the children of the sun, we are the children of time, and we are travelers in space.  May all the songs awaken, may all the dancers awaken.  May all the people and all things live in peace, for you are the valleys, you are  the mountains, you are the trees, you are the very air you breathe.' …. 

Now is the time of return of the grandmothers and grandfathers,  Now is the time of the return of the elders.  Now is the time of the return of the wise ones.  And  the wise ones are all of you.  Now is the time to go out into the world and spread the light.  

The sacred flame has been kept for this purpose, and now the time approaches when you will be required to love all things, to love a world that has gone crazy, to rebalance the heavens and the Earth.  For the Time of Warning has come to pass, and the Warriors of the Rainbow are now beginning to be born.  

The Vale of Tears, the Nine Hells, is over, and it is time to prepare for the 13 Heavens.  The ancestors are returning, my brothers and sisters, and we do not have long.  Now is the time that the prophecies will be fulfilled."

— Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Peres, Mayan Elder

i met don aljandro in february 2006 in jaipur, india 
at the world council of elders of ancient traditions and cultures.
don alejandro gave me a special blessing on my 56th birthday.

i wept through much of his presentation, 
including recounting the history of conquest, enslavement, 
deliberate destruction of mayan culture, 
and suppression of mayan spiritual practices.

in january 2009, don alejandro was the invited speaker 
at the inauguration of guatamala's new president,
marking the end of 35 years of military juntas, 
death squads, disappearings, assassins, massacres, 
and other atrocities,
and start of a new era of peace and cooperation 
between spanish and indigenous populations 
for the good of all.

in the 1960s, america's true culture and government, too, 
was overthrown and suppressed by militarized forces 
driven by economic ambitions of empire.  

this period included assassination of the kennedy's and king, 
and a string of foreign wars, regime changes, 
and other outside interventions.

this period of turmoil and social change 
also gave birth to civil rights, hippie culture,
anti-war movement and organic food
-- an outburst of liberty, fraternity and earth awareness. 

now, it is time for american people, 
white, black, yellow, and brown,  
to wake up from their long nightmare, 
assert the heart and vision of liberty, love and peace 
that originally inspired this nation 
300 and 3000 and 13,000 years ago.

it is time to unite 
with the red people of ancient america, 
masculine and feminine, 
put aside the horrible history of the past, 
heal our communities, lands and psyches, 
and step into this new era.

we are the ones we have been waiting for.
our time is now.

happy birthday, mother earth!
human beings are waking up, 
returning to heart and home, 
a new era of planetary stewardship and community.

celebrate the mother earth and nature
in ceremony, song and dance!
a green & peaceful planet.

David Yarrow

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