Friday, August 24, 2012

Magnetic Pole Shift
North Magnetic Pole in Rapid Transit to Siberia
new science animations depict 420-year history: 1590 - 2010

perhaps the most important  and fundamental geophysical reality today is that earth's magnetic field is undergoing extra-ordinary change.  at the very least, we're in phase 3 of a magnetic pole shift, with earth's north magnetic pole migrating rapidly from northern canada across the arctic sea to siberia.  this began in early 1800s with formation of a dense, tight bundle of magnetic threads extending across the arctic sea to siberia.  in the 1900s, north magnetic pole began moving in this straight line northward along this bundle of magnetic flux.  beginning 2000, north magnetic pole left north america, entered the arctic sea, and began to accelerate -- from a normal 5 km/yr to a dramatic 40+ km/yr.  at that rate, in 50 to 60 years, north magnetic pole will be in siberia.

you can see science-based animations and descriptions of this pole shift at the links below. these animations are programmed with global data for 1590 to 2010.  watch carefully what happens in the last decade (2000-2010) of this 420-year historic reconstruction.
Geomagnetism: Historical main field change and declination
the explanation:
the animation:

Magnetic Lines with Earth-shaded background
the explanation:
the animation:

the graphic below from canada's geological survey plots north magnetic pole movements.  notice the sudden change near 1900 when the pole begins moving in a straight line.  and after 2000, the pole travels nearly as far in 10 years as it did the previous 50, and along that incredibly straight line defined by the bundled magnetic flux bridging to siberia.

it's doubtful we'll see a pole flip - a reversal of north & south.  but seems certain a significant, unprecedented (in human history) pole shift is well underway, and likely inevitable.  however, the magnetic pole is tracking to migrate very close to the planet's spin axis, and a near-alignment of those two planetary energy systems can trigger other rapid shifts in the energy equilibrium of our whirling ball of stone and magma.  in any event, clearly, thermal shifts from rapid-onset climate change are only one of several facets of earth that are now rapidly changing.

clearly, this magnetic shift from west to east hemisphere will have impacts on a wide range of ecological, biological, neurological, and sociological patterns.  i believe this pole shift heralds a dramatic change of our mode of brain function from left brain linear, analytical to right brain holistic, intuitional.  in any event, in two generations, the world won't be at all the same as the entire last millennium, or two.  

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