Friday, August 24, 2012

Climate Rant Chant

i am really the only person in these parts who understands
we are now already in a state of climate emergency?
that life as we have lived it for 60+ years is now over?

i feel like noah wandering about with blueprint plans for a boat.
most folks are too busy having fun or making money to help build the boat,
 and others don't believe the boat will float,
or i'm not properly qualified and trained to build a boat,
 or i don't have a building permit, since it's obviously a house,
 or it will use too many trees......

cheap energy, imported food and unlimited growth are history.
the future is now an uncertain, unlikely question.
existing socioeconomic lifestyles are about to end,
and are already crumbling around us,
 or burning up in the drought.
or masked by coal-fired air conditioning and phony federal reserve notes.

meanwhile arctic ice melt and methane hydrate release increase exponentially
as man-made carbon emissions continue to increase, not decrease,
 with still no global agreement or plan to get serious, get responsible,
 and get off our fossil fuel addiction.

i'm ready to give up on these people and head home to heaven.
let them learn their lesson the hard, painful way of hardcore experience.

anyway, we have to get this biochar business started asap.
can't wait until the rest of these daydream addicts wake up
and change their priorities.
we're already too late to avert massive suffering,
and probable human population decline.
let's go forward.
against the odds.
against the conventional mindset.

dancing dragonfly


  1. my thoughts exactly

    thanks for being succint

  2. David, you are incredible, indeed. I understand your frustration and your passion about wanting to "Wake the Folk Up!" Even though we are not listening, perhaps there is still hope that the message can still be received by enough people to make a difference. Let's hope, and pray, that it does. Amen.