Sunday, August 5, 2012



By now, most thinking people realize climate is changing.
Rapidly. Catastrophically. Globally.

Our only way out of climate calamity is to sequester carbon,
 out of the air, back into the biosphere.

Our single best strategy to sequester carbon is to make biochar and add it to soil.
This strategy works in several ways:
1) As char, biomass carbon is super-stable and will remain in soil for centuries,
and likely over a millennium.
2) Biochar promotes a microbial population explosion
and these microbes sequester more carbon as their living and dead bodies,
3) which causes a doubling or more of plant growth,
which sequesters even more carbon into living biomass.
4) Biochar loosens, lightens, opens, and aerates soil
so it requires less machinery and energy for tillage.
5) Biochar plus microbes holds nutrients in soil,
 to reduce carbon and nitrogen emissions and leaching, 
6) thus reduce or eliminate synthetic, energy intensive fertilizers.
7) Making biochar by gasification produces gas & liquid biofuels to replace fossil fuels
8) and, as a bonus, biochar creates nutrient-dense soil to grow nutrient-dense food to reverse the growing epidemic of chronic and degeneratve diseases, and their rising health care costs.

To learn more:
Biochar Bob Visits Hawaii

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